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Under the direct supervision of the Climate Change and Security Programme Manager, and overall supervision of the Operations Manager, the Intern will perform the following functions:Project coordination support (20%):
•Support the coordination of stakeholder engagement and end-user testing, including end-user consultations and aggregation of expert input aggregation.
•Support the development of communications materials of the Strata project.
•Other tasks as assigned by the Climate Change and Security Programme Manager and Head of the Branch.
Theoretical research support (40%):
•Assist in identifying and evaluating global, regional, and national environmental datasets relevant to environmental and climate stress, and human security.
•Conduct a literature review on environmental stress, natural resources management, environmental governance, climate change, and their relation with peace, sustainable development, and conflict. Especial focus on climate-vulnerable and fragile states, and understanding the concept of human security.
Methods and data management support (40%):
•Use of open-source geospatial information systems to upload and style data for the project and populating projects with relevant geospatial data.
•Comparison and implementation of statistical geospatial data modelling approaches for compound risk indices.
•Create statistical and geospatial data visualizations.
•Conduct remote sensing analysis using open-source tools and publicly available satellite imagery.

Access to the link
Research contract  (3 months) at ERASME 
Research field : System Dynamics, System Thinking, Complexity
Task : Green Deal Proposal, Erasme Research Project
Deadline for submission : January 10th, 2021 to arnaud.diemer@uca.fr
Nomination : February 1st, 2021
Starting period : March 1st, 2020 
Circular economy of (recyclable by design) plastic multilayer packagings: H2020 Terminus Project.
Post-Doc position opened at Sigma-Clermont (recruitment in still in process : 25/09/2020)

Terminus is an EU H2020 research and innovation project dealing with the recycling by design of multilayer plastic packaging (https://www.terminus-h2020.eu/). Thirteen European partners are working together on it for 4 years (2019-2023).A strong attempt of the Terminus results is in the demonstration of circular economy improvement together with environmental assessment. One work package of the project is fully dedicated to this topic. We are opening a postdoc position on circular economy assessment of plastic multilayer packaging. The applicant will have to develop a new methodology by using known circular metrics and new ones by considering the lifetime durability of the material all along its cycle of use (and re-use).

The applicant will have skills in plastic materials and a scientific expertise of environmental assessment of plastic materials should be appreciated. Knowledge of circular economy indicators and LCA assessment should be an additional benefit. The position is opened for 12 months at Sigma-Clermont - ICCF lab (Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand) in the CVP group under the supervision of V. Verney and H. Askanian

- Vincent Verney : Vincent.verney@sigma-clermont.fr
- Haroutioun Askanian: haroutioun.askanian@sigma-clermont.fr
Post-doctoral Position (for one year) at ERASME and CERDI (Research Lab)
Ref : 01-20-06
Research Field : System Dynamic, Sustainable Cities
Deadline for submission : July 10th, 2020 to arnaud.diemer@uca.fr
Nomination : July 15th, 2020
Starting period : september 7th, 2020 
Post-doctoral position (one year) at ERASME and CERDI (Research Lab)
Ref : 02-25-06
Research field : System Dynamics Modelling, iSDG Model, Applied Quantitative dynamic
Deadline for submission : July 10th, 2020 to arnaud.diemer@uca.fr
Nomination : July 15th, 2020
Starting period : september 7th, 2020 
Stage de 6 mois : Mars - Août 2020
Conception d'une base de données 
Conception d'un modèle à l'échelle d'un territoire en dynamique des systèmes 
Rédaction d'un projet de recherche 
Rémunération selon convention de stage 
Envoi du CV et de la lettre de motivation à arnaud.diemer@uca.fr